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Home Building Advice...
to Save You Money, Time, and Stress

How to get the custom home you want,
at the price they quoted,
and move in on the promised day.

It's easier than you might think when you have these 3 bits of knowledge:

First, you need to know how choose a good building contractor. It really isn't too difficult when you know:

  • What to look for
  • The right questions to ask
  • The red flags that will steer you away froma bad one.

Next, you need to know what you should reasonably expect from that contractor - in terms of:

  • Assistance with loan document preparations
  • Assistance in dealing with the permitting process
  • His or her contract
  • Deadlines
  • Guarantees, and more.

Then you need to know what will be expected of you.

You have dozens of choices to make, and when you know about them ahead of time - and know how different choices might affect your future comfort - the liklihood of loving your home 6 months from completion increases tenfold.

"The Secret to success is Knowledge, combined with Preparation."

And now you can have them both.

Dear Future Custom Home Owner,

For the first time, you can have the real inside scoop on home building from someone who really knows - a retired custom home builder

Home building Simplified Book Front Cover

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In our e-book: Home Building Simplified, you'll learn how to prepare ahead for the dozens of decisions you face.

You'll learn how to choose a reputable builder, and you'll get forewarning about:

  • The questions you need to ask
  • The questions you will be asked
  • Red flags and common mistakes
  • How to deal with the permit process
  • What to expect from your lender

You'll also get a step-by- step explanation of how a contractor turns a pile of building materials into a work of art known as your new home.

To give you a sampling of what you'll find in Home Building Simplified, and to help you avoid disaster, we wrote the special report, How to Spot a Bogus Contractor.

You can have a copy of it with our compliments. Just fill in your name and e-mail address below and hit send.

This report will help you spot a bogus contractor - and pages 37- 42 in Home Building Simplified will guide you to a good one.

(Home Building Simplified) is informative, very well written, and even funny to read!
I especially liked the part on the contractors.

KR Enterprises
"Honesty and Integrity In Real Estate"

Home building Simplified Book Front Cover

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The information you need - at a price you can't afford to pass up.

Here's a sampling of what you'll find in its pages:

  • Why CC&R's can be a blessing - or a curse. Page 5
  • Land-use restrictions that could destroy your plans. Page 7
  • The 23 questions you must ask yourself before you choose a home plan
  • How to deal successfully with the buiilding department: Chapter 3
  • The 22 components of your new home that require your decisions - and why you must make most of them before you get bids.
  • How to make sure you get the house you're paying for. Page 19
  • Dealing with your lender - how and when draws are issued. Page 31
  • When NEVER to pay a subcontractor. Page 33
  • Why you MUST visit your job site frequently. Page 34
  • A mistake that can destroy your relationship with your contractor. Page 35
  • How to choose the right contractor. Pages 37-41.

(Click here to see the table of contents.)

That's a huge investment to take chances with, isn't it?

If you're borrowing the money to build and lack of planning causes a 30 or 60 day delay in the middle of construction, you might pay $500 or $1,000 extra in interest before you get to move in. More, depending upon how much you owe at the time.

And, you could end up like friends of ours - forced to pay rent on a home they'd sold - because they couldn't move out on time. You'll see their story and learn how to avoid it on page 40.

So what would you expect to pay for information that can save you hundreds, and even thousands of dollars?

Just $17

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We know, that's less than the price of dinner. Heck, $17 won't even buy one gallon of paint for your new house. But we want everyone to have this information, and use it. If we priced it higher, you might put off buying it - wondering if it really has information you can use.

We understand that - we do the same thing.

At $17, even if you learn one thing, you've got your money's worth. You'll learn plenty more than that, but at this price you don't have to think about it.

Just the section on how to choose a contractor could save you thousands, as will our advice about contract clauses.

You have everything to gain by getting and using this information.

So click the button right now, and within just a few minutes you can download your e-book and begin your home building education.

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One more thing... even experienced home builders don't always think of everything when building their own homes. We missed a few things, and I've shared them in a new Kindle book:
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21 Dumb Mistakes to Avoid. It's only $2.99 on Kindle, so check it out!

Do You Already Own Your Land?

If you haven't yet chosen the land where that new home will rest, be sure to also check out our Land Buyer's Guidebook at only $17.

Here's what one reader had to say about it: Your raw land book was definitely worth its weight in gold! If just one of your "watch out for's" relates to a potential purchase - it could save a starry eyed buyer from losing $$ thousands of dollars! Thanks for sharing your knowledge and educating us!
Trish D. Seattle

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We wish you a happy home - and a happy home-building experience,

Carl & Marte Cliff